Realms - Derncape


The newest Dukedom, Derncape is still finding itself and its voice among the nobles of Esteparon. Derncape is an awkward port city located on the border between the human and hobgoblin lands and is ruled by the just hand of Lord Fanelwen. Securing the trade routes between his city and the nearest trading partners is his greatest concern.

Politics & Social Structure

Lord Fanelwen is a novice at politics and it clearly shows. He has a tree-way treaty with Basgeil and Alarid, yet he is the weakest power among the three. Militarily, he has the smallest navy and army. A conflict with one of the other three will likely bankrupt his dukedom due to the treaties commitments. What Derncap has is a very defensible position. The city is built into the cliffs over looking the Rynin Sea.

He has been in contact with the Duke of Quonos who wants to conduct more trade with Derncap in exchange for access to the sacred grottos of Celestri which are buried deep beneath the city.

Sandwiched between Basgeil and Axteil, the duke has little to offer Avenell that the others haven’t already given the hobgoblins. With his harbors difficult to reach by land, his use as a trade route is severely limited.





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Realms - Derncape

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