Rules - Character Creation

System: Pathfinder

Resource Materials:

  • Core Rulebook
  • Andvanced Players Guid
  • Advanced Race Guide
  • Ultimate Campaign
  • Ultimate Combat
  • Ultimate Equipment
  • Ultimate Intrigue
  • Ultimate Magic
  • Unchained
  • Any supplements published by Paizo are at the GM’s discretion.

Character Creation

  • 20 Point Build (nothing below 8 or above 18 after racial adjustments);
  • Level: 2
  • Races: See this link for details.
  • Any class (no occult, no gunslinger); must use unchained; See this link for details on changes to classes.
  • Feats: See this link for details.
  • No Guns;
  • Starting wealth: 1,000 gold;
  • Max HP per level;
  • Background Skills
  • 2 traits; You may take a 3rd if you take a drawback;
  • +1 skill points per level; must be used on knowledge;
  • Alignment: Any good or neutral, evil only with GM approval;

Heirloom Item

At 1st level, all characters start with an inherited item that they wear or wield. Depending on the class, this item may be any category of masterwork quality, bonded item. The heirloom item will not have an innate magical properties, but is of such quality as to be used as a bonded item if/when an essence is imbued into the item. Additional information regarding bonded items and essences can be found at this link.

Categories of Bonded Items

Casting Bonds – amulets, holy symbols, rings, rods, staves, wands or the similar
Weapon Bonds – weapons; may also be used as arcane or divine bonds
Armor Bonds – armor & shields; may also be used as divine bonds
Sundry Bonds – any worn or held item, such as rings, amulets, boots, gloves, robes, cloaks, belts, goggles, crowns, headbands, bracers, ioun stone, book, tool, etc.


The most important part of character creation, however, is the character’s background story. This story should include information about his origin and heritage, about his experiences up to the present, about his motivations and fears, and about his appearance and personality. Below are some questions to help you establish their background.

  • Why did the character become a member of the chosen class?
  • Who are the character’s mother, father, siblings or extended family?
  • Describe a positive and negative childhood event.
  • What was the character doing just before the campaign started?
  • What is the character’s favorite item or possession?
  • What is the character’s world view?
  • What is their political leaning?
  • What is the character’s religion?
  • What is your character’s goal for the future?
  • What are you most afraid of? Why?
  • Who is your worst enemy? Why?
  • Do you know everybody in the party?
  • Why is your character with the party? Why is he/she adventuring?
  • What is the character’s appearance and mannerisms?
  • What is the character’s personality? Does he/she have any quirks or habits?

Character Death

All characters will eventually die… it is inevitable. Should your character die and cannot be resurrected, you can create a new character and the GM will work to get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

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Rules - Character Creation

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