Timeline - Esteparon

The Timeline of Esteparon

Reign of the Ealintaine

Coming of Man & the Great Awakening

  • Amus breathes life into the Eight Tribes of Mortal Man.
  • Aghnar, the second of the eight fathers of men, takes his tribe to the far north of Esteparon and settles along the shores of the Northern Sea.

The Godling Wars

  • The eight tribes men of Æustëra fight against Kiravor and Gaeruhn although many are turned with promises of riches and immortality.

Reign of Tranquility

485 B.E. – The Alterians, having won valor upon the fields of fire as they fought Kiravor, remain in the lowlands and do not return to Earthenwork with the Ealintaine.
463 B.E. – The Broanins travel east and build the High Tower looking out over Esteparon.
462 B.E. – The nothern coasts are settled by Aghnar and his sons.
454 B.E. – The Broanins carve a winding stair into the plateau and make their way to the lowlands of Esteparon.
103 B.E. – Vallenkrös I crowned King of Manevyk marking the first monarchy of mortals following the Godling Wars.
95 B.E. – The Queen of Manevyk is captured by the Lord of Brekkä.
92 B.E. – Vallenkrös I sacks Brekkä and later recovers his Queen.
84 B.E. – The Broanins lose Castle of the Highlands to lords of Haemil, who rename the it Höchmarc Keep.
69 B.E. – Vallenkrös II conquers Vryost
48 B.E. – Vallenkrös II conquers Korshavn, uniting all the northern coasts under the Vallen’s banner.
33 B.E. – Vallenkrös II advances his fleet southward into the Bay of Helwâch and raids the gnomish villages for silver and magic.
32 B.E. – Vallenkrös II attacks Bellstorm but perishes as his fleet is destroyed by the gnomish wizards.
19 B.E. – Vallenkrös III turns the armies into the northern plains and takes Pyrae on the Rynin Sea.
13 B.E. – Vallenkrös III negotiates the surrender of Nûerford Keep at the Crossroads.
7 B.E. – Vallenjos capture the Crimson Tower of Narwell.
4 B.E. – Vallenjos lays seige to Quonos for over a year, ultimately taking the city and beheading Queen Áillís Uí Lonagáin
1 B.E. – King Earic Ó Béara of Firsthaven dies from disease and the city is captured by Vallenjos.

Reign of Kings

1 E.C. – Vallenjos crowned King of Esteparon in Firsthaven.
315 E.C. – Bærwynnd discovers the vale of Talanor and builds the Bright Tower declaring himself the 1st Hazard of Talanor.
574 E.C. – Fires of Narwell consume the city.
1143 E.C. – Fall of the Vallens
1204 E.C. – Founding of the Dukedom of Talanor
1312 E.C. – The city of Alarid is built upon the ruins of Narwell.
2715 E.C. – King of Esteparon build the Roc’s Nest in the mountains above the Vale of Talanor.
3251 E.C. – Brynaen I arrives in Quonos
3979 E.C. – Rift of Magic when Marwülff Krögen I, King of Haemil, issues the Magicae Prohibitae, forbidding the practice of magic by non-clergy.
4266 E.C. – The Dragon King of Esteparon kills the Hazard of Quonos
4285 E.C. – The First Gathering of the Hazards
4289 E.C. – The Dragon King is killed by Duke Khaelvn III, Lord of Quonos; Firsthaven destroyed; the Nobility of Esteparon continue to be buried in the necropolis; but don’t recognize a King of Esteparon.

Reign of Hazards

4291 E.C. – The Second Gathering of the Hazards ushers in the Reign of Hazards.
4295 E.C. – Death of Stoorjian and the Sealing of the Tower of Necromancy.
6322 E.C. – Founding of Avendale by Avenius, the Just.
7682 E.C. – Mälekoor reclaimed the title of Hazard of Necromancy and the tower becoming the 11th Hazard of Pyrae.
7995 E.C. – 17th of Loris – Bærwynnd opens the rift to the Ether.

7995 E.C. – Year of the Shaping


17th of Loris – The dwarves of Eastgate repel the undead horde that has taken over Oldtown. Over the next several weeks, they destroy a majority of undead in that district of the Vale.
18th of Loris – The dwarves of Eastgate along with the Outsiders retake the Halls of Mourning and the Crypts from the fire goblins.



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Timeline - Esteparon

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