Wonder - Brynderies Silken Robe

Brynderie’s Silken Robe

Originally worn by Brynderie del’Agost Dianndor, this silken robe was recovered in the ruins below of Eastgate by Niyut and her companions.Niyut later bonded with the robe when it began to take on shadowy effects to augment her illusory skills.

Worn Effects:

Bag of Holding I

An interior pocket acts as a Bag of Holding I. (Innate) 

Shadow Caul (Bonded Only)

While the robe is worn, a character treats any square she is in that is in darkness as if it were dim illumination for the purposes of spells and supernatural abilities. This ability does not activate in normal light, bright light, or supernatural darkness. (EE7: Storm Hag)

Shadowy Disguise

If you choose, creatures that see you while you are in dim light or darkness are unable to discern any but the most general information about your appearance or actions. For example, they can determine your general shape (such as humanoid), as well as the gist of your actions (such as, She was trying to break into the store), but cannot determine your precise actions, your appearance, or any identifying information about you. In bright light, your normal appearance is revealed. (EE7: Storm Hag)

Skill Bonus: Fly (Bonded Only)

The essence of the storm hag grants you a +5 Fly bonus. (EE8: Storm Hag)

Triggered Effects:


When worn, a character with Blur cast upon them, increases the Blur effect to 30%. (EE11:Ursikka)

Mirror Image

When casting Mirror Image, the wearer gains an extra +2 images with an increase in the maximum image by +2 as wel. (EE8: Storm Hag)

Tremorsense (Bonded Only)

Once per day, the wearer of this robe gains Tremorsense, as an SLA, in a 30’ radius for concentration (standard action) plus 1 round. (EE11:Ursikka)

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Wonder - Brynderies Silken Robe

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