Wonder - Liber Sanguinem

Liber Sanguinem

by Ghovhanis

The dusty grimoires bound in thick, black leather with a cold steel clasp that lacks a visible lock. The words, Libre Sanguinem, are written in red ink upon its spine. Translated from Draconic, it simply reads, “The Blood Book”. It was found and claimed by Niyut in the catacombs beneath the Mötùrrim, The Tower of Necromancy.

Fûqynn, the Master of Blood, spoke these words telling us of his making.

“…There Gaeruhn stood among man and ate his fill of their flesh, feasting as a ravenous dog eats scraps from his master’s table. For Kiravor was Lord of Death, and it was he who marred the world most; his terrible sword cleaving man and elf in two.”

“Gaeruhn feasted on their flesh and gnawed at their bones sucking the marrow of life as it departed their mortal shells. It was there upon the Red Fields of Duhnym that Kiravor cast his gaze upon the feasting beast and saw the blood drip from his maw as he consumed the first flesh of mortals that Amus had created. Kiravor took thought of blood and wondered at its taste. Kiravor stretched out his right hand and let the first of the blood spill into his palm. As the great spirit tasted the Ether, the blood congealed in his mouth and Fûqynn came to be…”

Fûqynn, my Master, knew from those first moments that the Ether springs from the font that is the blood in all men. To taste a man’s blood is to know him and feel his presence; to see all that he has known or envisioned; to experience all that has made him; and to gain his thoughts and his power. Through his blood, you can divine his location; read his thoughts; predict his future and make him realize the folly of it all. You shall become his master.

All mortals are born with the power to create ethereal energy within them. That was Amus’ unintended gift. By combining energy and life, the Elder had unknowingly created the spring that fills the Ether. As that mortal lives and breathes, they create more ethereal energy, and as they die, that energy returns to the Ether. Gaeruhn knew this before Amus, and that is why he laid his plans and tricked the elder goddess. Gaeruhn desired the energy but not the knowledge for what was not known to Gaeruhn, was that a mortal’s blood holds the inscription of what energy that mortal has produced through the course of his life.

These pages will teach you all that has been revealed to me. How to extract the knowledge from the blood; how to congeal that energy into its essence and how to drink that energy making it your own.

Held Effects:

Research Death

Any caster can research necromancy spells from the grimoire. (Necromancy1)

Triggered Effects:

Coven’s Blood (Bonded Only)

If, when casting rituals contained within the grimoire, the Primary Caster is assisted by two secondary casters and all three casters willingly offer their blood to the grimoire, the grimoire will grant an additional +1 to all skill checks made during the ritual. If all three of the ritual casters have a caster level equal to or greater than the ritual level, then the bonus increase to +2. Alternatively, the primary caster may forego the +2 bonus and select one skill check to auto-succeed. Offerings of blood to activate this power, do not activate or affect the Spontaneous Death Magic power. (Necromancy2, EE9, EE10)

Dreaming Tutor (Su)

The character learns secrets of Ritual Magic when she sleeps. It takes 8 hours of rest per level of the Ritual to learn a new Ritual. (This rest does not need to be taken all at once, but the character may not learn another Ritual in this manner until the current Ritual has been mastered.) The character may substitute her Charisma modifier for Intelligence when making an Intelligence check to determine if the character has mastered the Ritual. The Liber Sanguinem always counts as an eager instructor for the purposes of such checks (DC = 10 + the ritual level). The Liber Sanguinem can only be used to learn/create Rituals that are either of the Necromancy school or that require blood as a Ritual component. (All non-Necromancy Rituals learned in this way deal 2d6 damage per Ritual level divided amongst the primary and secondary casters in addition to all other components.) All Rituals learned/created in this way appear within the Liber Sanguinem. (Necromancy2, EE9, EE10)

Spontaneous Death Magic

Once per day, a spontaneous caster can cast any Necromancy spell written in the Liber Sanguinem as if it were one of her known spells, expending a spell slot of the same spell level to cast the desired spell. A spell cast in this way cannot be modified by metamagic. She gains one additional daily use of this ability at 8th level and again every 4 character levels thereafter, to a maximum of five times per day at 20th level. She can ‘offer’ blood from a slain caster to possibly add more necromancy spells to the grimoire. Additionally, when she gains access to a new spell level, she can offer her own blood to the grimoire to gain one additional necromancy spell, or other thematically appropriate spell, in its pages. She currently get to select a 1st and 2nd level spell for your first blood offering to get the book up to her current level. The caster must be bonded with the grimoire to ‘offer’ blood. (Innate)

The Hand of Death (Bonded Only)

Once per day, as swift action, a spontaneous caster can cast Spectral Hand, prior to casting any spell from the grimoire. (Necromancy1)

Spells of the Master

The grimoire contains the following spells. The spells are not detailed in a concise manner and require that the reader piece together several clues and hints to extract essences.


Extract Essence (All Casters) – Touch the corpse of a dead mortal being or an unattended Curio to extract all essences.

1st Level

Blood Money
Phantom Blood
Ray of Enfeeblement

2nd Level

Blood Sacrifice – Create a Blood Ruby used as material components in spells.
Blood Transcription
Death Candle
Devour Essence – As Extract Essence, except with an extended range.
Niyut’s Endless Hunger – As Extract Essence, except with an immediate action from close range.
Spectral Hand
Stricken Heart

3rd Level

Blood Biography
Howling Agony
Vampiric Touch

4th Level

Bestow Curse
Disenchant – Strip an attended Curio or Wonder or a mortal creature that is imbued with an Arcane, Elemental, or Ethereal Essence of one such essence.

5th Level

Niyut’s Blessing – Temporarily transfer a self-imbued essence’s secondary effect to another Being.
Swallow Soul – Extract a mortal creature’s inherent Life Essence killing them instantly at close range.

6th Level

Greater Disenchant – Strip an attended Curio or Wonder or a mortal creature that is imbued with an Arcane, Elemental, or Ethereal Essence of multiple essences.

7th Level

Niyut’s Maw of the Void – Extract several mortal creatures’ inherent Life Essences killing them instantly.

8th Level

Sunder the Ether – Strip a mortal creature of all Arcane, Primal, and Ethereal Essences it possesses whether those Essences are naturally occurring or imbued from medium range.

9th Level

The Black Word of Niyut – Extract a mortal creature’s inherent Life Essence killing them instantly at medium range.

Rituals of the Master

Further, it contains the following rituals. The rituals are not detailed in a concise manner and require that the reader piece together several clues and hints to extract and convert essences.

Rites of Converto Elementis

“…and I placed a piece of bark of an ancient oak tree in to the silver bowl and the essence took the form of earth having once been fire. In time, I confirmed that such a reagent would cause all elemental essences to take such form and would be as acid… Not until later, when I acquired her Wand, did I know that such conversion could be enhanced with the Primum Vinculum…”

Rites of Procul Converto

…in to the silver bowl I placed a splinter of bone from my father’s femur and the essence took the form of death having once been life. In time, I confirmed that such a reagent would cause all arcane essences to take such form… I know not what the Herald’s Shiv would do to the transformation, but I shall seek out all the Primum Vinculum…

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Wonder - Liber Sanguinem

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