Wonder - Mysterious Bog Oak Wand

The Mysterious Bog Oak Wand

An heirloom of her clan, Niyut was gifted this wand upon the coming of age as an oracle.

Current Bond


Held Effects:


Triggered Effects:

Spell Casting

Mage Armor 10/day. (Innate)
Snowball 10/day. (EE1: Flame Drake)


Lesser Intensify Spell Metamagic 3/day. (EE5: Geist)
Lesser Reach Spell Metamagic 3/day. (EE6: Gnoll Priest)
Lesser Silent/Still Spell Metamagic 1/day. (EE5: Geist) (Bonded Only)
Lesser Tenebrous Spell 3/day. (EE12: Tikbalang)

Snowball Barrage (Bonded Only)

Cast Snowball as an AoE 2/day. The area of effect is 5’ radius every 2 caster levels. (EE1: Flame Drake)

Spontaneous Combustion (Bonded Only)

1/day the priest’s essence imbued into the wand allows you to replace one of your own spells with a fire domain spell of the same level. Domain Spells: 1st—burning hands, 2nd—produce flame, 3rd—fireball, 4th—wall of fire, 5th—fire shield, 6th—fire seeds, 7th—elemental body IV (fire only), 8th—incendiary cloud, 9th—elemental swarm (fire spell only). (EE6: Gnoll Priest)

Ventriloquism (Bonded Only)

The cleverness of the tikbalang permeates Niyut’s wand granting it the ability to cast Ventriloquism 1/day. (EE12: Tikbalang)

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Wonder - Mysterious Bog Oak Wand

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