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Organized Religions

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a secret society of warrior priests who promulgate the worship of Kiravor. The Brotherhood was started by several dwarves of noble houses and has seven high priests who are the only identified members of the Brotherhood by the other disciples. Every other disciple protects his identity from the others.

The Church of the Tempest Eternal

The Church of the Tempest Eternal is the dominant religion in Earthenwork dedicated to the king of the gods, Calledrym, the Whispering Wind.

The Consilium

The Consilium is a religious organization based upon the tenants of Faelynn, the Merchant. Originally established as an impartial arbiter of disputes, the organization has evolved into a full-fledged religion which controls the Crimson Seal, a wide-spread banking system throughout Esteparon, Haemil and Nynasis.

The Faith

Simply called The Faith, this religion dominates Nynasis and particularly Parthis. It is the worship of Celestri, the Vengeful.

The Forgemasters Guild

These blacksmiths are dedicated to Valthyra, the Faithful in Kahae Edhekal. With temples and forges deep within the mountain kingdom, the priests of Valthyra are dedicated to their craft as much as their families. They seldom venture out from the hidden forges of under-city.

Order of the Anvil

This faith, based in the bountiful river lands of Haemil, is presided over by the working craftsmen dedicated to Valthyra, the Faithful. The Order is most commonly followed by the middle class although much of the nobility share in its practice when it comes to marriage and the family.

Paragons of Tadhg

The priests and priestesses of this faith follow the Korlez, the Formless and protect all of his creations from harm.

The Sisterhood of Teysura

The Sisterhood of Teysura is a decentralized organization of female disciples of Teysura.

Sons of the Flesh

The Sons of the Flesh is a secret sect of dwarven worshipers of Gaeruhn, the Flesheater.

Temples of the First Light

The Temples of the First Light are network of churches found in most major cities of the known world. They are governed by a conclave of clerics dedicated to Teysura.


Xanthrianism is the widespread worhip of Grahlithe, the Twisted that is most popular within The Archipelago of Conquest although its followers can be found throughout Æustëra..

Monastic Orders

The Knights Monetae

The Knights Monetae is an order of paladins and warpriests that follow Faelynn, the Merchant. They are affiliated with the Consilium, providing protection to travelers, merchants, caravans, and, most importantly, the movement of treasure between the banks of the Crimson Seal.

The Sovereign Order of Edriran

The Sovereign Order of Edriran an order of paladins that worship Selefahn. They are charged with protecting the ancient necropolis of Edriran which rests under the ruins of Firsthaven.

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World - Faiths

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