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The Brotherhood – a secret society of warrior priests who promulgate the worship of Kiravor. The Brotherhood was started by several dwarves of noble houses and has seven high priests who are the only identified members of the Brotherhood by the other disciples. Every other disciple protects his identity from the others.

Church of the Tempest Eternal – The dominant religion in Earthenwork dedicated to the king of the gods, Calledrym, the Whispering Wind.

The Faith – A religion dominating Parthis in the worship of Celestri, the Vengeful.

The Knights Monetae – an order of Kinghts that follow Faelynn, the Merchant.

The Sisterhood of Teysura – a decentralized organization of female disciples of Teysura.

Sons of the Flesh – a secret sect of dwarven worshipers of Gaeruhn, the Flesheater.

The Sovereign Order of Edriran – an order of paladins that worship Selefahn. They are charged with protecting the ancient necropolis of Edriran which rests under the ruins of Firsthaven.

Temples of the First Light – a network of churches found in most major cities of the known world. They are governed by a conclave of clerics dedicated to Teysura.

Xanthrianism – a widespread worhip of Grahlithe, the Twisted that is popular within The Archipelago of Conquest

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World - Faiths

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